We understand technology like you understand your business
We understand technology like you understand your business
And our commitment is a profitable amalgamation of the two. A sound business backed by technology and intelligence is the business of the future. So essentially, we at Kay Infotech can help shape the future of your business.
We specialize in business process outsourcing
We specialize in business process outsourcing
Our infrastructure of 200+ seats for IT services & 300+ seats for call center support services is the best in the class establishment to enhance your business processes
We curate solutions that help you grow
We curate solutions that help you grow
Our teams know from experience, that efficiency in processes provide the competitive edge which can turn the tides in today's market environment. We make technologies that build the future.

Who are we?

We are an IT consultancy firm that is growing fast to offers start-up like flexibility with credibility of over 20 years of experience collectively within the leadership team. We are not only driven by technology, we breathe IT.

What we do?

We serve with technology solutions for today's real world problems, you have chosen the right partner. We specialize in IT product development and maintenance.


Cognitive Business Operations

Analytics & Insights


Automation & AI

Conversational Experiences


Cloud Applications


Cloud Infrastructure

Kay Interactive


Enterprise Application

Industrial Engineering

Quality Engineering

Call Center Support

Business Process Outsourcing

Automation & AI



We specialize in IT product development and maintenance

We serve with technology solutions for today's real-world problems, you have chosen the right partner.

Our Products

Cloud Infrastructure Development

Kai Smart IoT SaaS automations

Smart IoT Integration by KAI for society management apps

Intelligent Automotive Systems

Intelligent CRM systems

Kai Smart Industrial IoT


COVID-19 Security Systems

Intelligent ERP systems

Chemical Watering Treatment Product Recommendation CRM

Security SaaS Automations

RPO, BPO, KPO & On-demand hire

These services have enabled our clients to see large cost savings using a seamless quality process with absolute confidence.

Enterprise Application Advantage

Kai Infotech has made it a priority to ensure the most competitive project delivery time-frames accompanied by unmatched product support, both during & post-delivery. We also know the importance of budgetary control and hence our products are highly economically viable. Our workflow is streamlined in a way that allows us to make client experience equanimous to working with In-house establishments.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our infrastructure of 200+ seats for IT services & 300+ seats for call centre support services is the best in the class establishment to enhance your business processes.

Our innovation in IoT - home automation products

An innovation by Kai Infotech in IoT has revolutionized how home automation can be scaled in a mature market. The IoT product developed by the team allows for establishing home automation systems in existing basic electrical infrastructure without making renovations of any kind. All this while making no compromises on automation functionality. In fact, our product adds additional seamlessness & real-time control over the system. The Future CRM by KAI The Future ERP by KAI



We are registered as a trusted service provider with a strong presence in the United States. Trust is our fuel that has pushed us ahead in the industry.


Every eligible delivery goes through 5 types of testing (Functional, performance, load, compatibility & regression) at 3 different levels


Transparency, full IP Security, an effective support model & 100% collaborative assistance is what we are known for.


We record a median response time of less than an hour with a maximum response time of less than 3 hours. We are always on the line for you.

Our Success Stories

  • General Motors:
    Helped General Motors set up a fully automated warehouse management system that allowed for end to end information
    processing with the help of AI, Machine Learning & Analytics to adopt complete control over all the warehousing
  • Arizona State Government:
    Working on support and maintenance of Arizona State government Customer care portal maintenance.
  • ZeroLab:
    Predictive Analytics enables procurement management system that allowed for maximum productivity with minimal loss
    of power, time & warehousing costs.
  • TATA:
    Developed a fleet management system for TATA subsidiary trucks that predicts tyre health, usage & maintenance that
    allowed for a sharp decrease in loss due to unforeseen failures.
  • Pennar Chemical Plant:
    Developed application for Pennar chemical treatment plant sales team to recommend chemicals to be sold with
    ingredients and dosage as per the cooling/hot water system. This system reduced significant laboratory costs, marketing
    costs & sales costs. This system also improved the lead turnaround cycle by automating renewal notifications & updates. This
    system also improved the utility of manpower & productivity of regular operating procedures.
  • Motor Blue Box:(Intreden):
    Development of vehicle diagnostic tool which takes the input of 40+ sensors and provides statistics about predictive
    maintenance of the vehicle and advance IOT based TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system).
  • Admiral Security Service:
    Implemented and completed support, enhancement of admiral security services employee time management/leave
    management system.
    This application helps to track breaks, leave of employees, and show associated details to supervisor and upper hierarchy,
    which allows to maintain replacement and track gap in security force deployment and execution. The application has
    revolutionized how the service operated by reducing redundant tasks & improve convenience multifold.
  • Hoist and Crane:
    Developed and provided support and enhancement for the Inventory management system. This was a full custom
    delivery that achieved 100% on-time delivery and appreciation. The new system was very much appreciated by Hoist &
    Crane customers as they benefited directly from this upgrade.
  • SafeDBox:
    Development of portal for users who want to maintain/store their highly sensitive and crucial digital document on the
    safe box. Provided smooth beneficiary flow as well to maintain the beneficiary handover process.
  • Arenar:
    Development and enhancement, support for IBand+ application, which tracks brain wave(Lucid Dreaming) and provide
    detailed analysis of sleep through EEG sensing.
  • Lean-ERP:
    Customized product development & support.
  • IoT-Software as a Service (SaaS) (Society and Industry automation framework):
    Developing a one of kind IoT based automation SaaS for society management apps. Our product is currently being
    adopted by the Neighbium group and will be live in the market shortly.

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